Parallel Computing Team Wins 2019 BenchCouncil International AI Competition

Released Time: 2019-11-21

Recently, a team of teachers and students of the Parallel Computing Research Center of the Computer Science Department participated in the 2019 BenchCouncil International Artificial Intelligence System Competition and won the first prize based in the X86 platform circuit. The participating members include Deng Weixin (undergraduate), Wang Pengyu (doctoral student), Wang Jing (doctoral student) from the Department of Computer Science. Wang Pengyu gave a technical report at the Bench19 International Conference in Denver, Colorado, on November 15.

The BenchCouncil competition is committed to promoting the open source of chips, standardization and benchmarking of artificial intelligence and big data technologies, and the evaluation, incubation and promotion of artificial intelligence systems. The competition requires all participants to compare with those who currently perform the best acceleration of such applications. Competition system is fair and difficult, which also means that through current results we have established international leadership.

This is the second time that the parallel computing team has achieved good results in the international competition for computer system design and optimization. Previously, the project jointly organized by Li Chao's research group and Ping An technical experts was also shortlisted for the Finalist Award at the 2019 International IEEE / MIT / Amazon Graph Challenge, which is the best result for domestic teams this year.


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