Research Prof. Chen Quan Won the 2019 DAMO Academy Young Fellow Award

Released Time: 2019-09-25

On the morning of September 25, the 2019 Alibaba Apsara Conference was grandly held in the Yunqi Town of Hangzhou. The conference announced the 10 winners of the second Alibaba Young Fellow Award. These young scholars will each receive a prize of RMB 1 million and be supported by a full range of R & D resources from the DAMO Academy. Chen Quan, research professor of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering of SJTU, won this award. Academician Mao Junfa, Vice President of SJTU, was invited by Alibaba Group to present the award to Chen Quan.

(Fourth from left is Chen Quan)

The award recognizes Chen Quan's constant in-depth research on system-level resource management technology for hyperscale data centers. To solve the problem of huge energy consumption and low resource utilization of hyperscale data centers, Chen Quan explored the management mechanism to ensure the quality of service request while maximizing the resource utilization. It is of great significance to realize the green operation of data center. His research results won three best/focus paper award, as well as the First Prize of the Ministry of Education Natural Science Award in 2017, and the First Prize of Shanghai technological Invention Award in 2018. It has been widely promoted and applied in the industry.

DAMO Academy Young Fellow is an annual award presented by Alibaba DAMO Academy for young Chinese scholars aged 35 or under based in Greater China who have the potential to contribute significantly to science and technology. It aims to discover and support outstanding young scholars engaged in fundamental science and applied technology research. DAMO Academy awards one million RMB to each winner and provides all-round support, including open data resources and application scenarios, to help each winner reach the peak of achievement in science and technology.

In 2018, Assistant Prof. Zhang Weinan of our department won this award.

According to the administration committee of DAMO Academy Young Fellow, in 2019 a total of 237 applications were received and only 10 passed all of the three rounds of review and won the award. The ratio was about 23:1.  


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